Sunday, September 22, 2013

Halloween Bean Bag Family Game

I love decorating the house for Halloween,
but I'm not into the scary,  gruesome Halloween decor 
that makes you so scared, you can't sleep for a week. 
I like the whimsical side of Halloween decor, and I know
my family likes it too.

We like playing family games especially 
on weekend nights.  So, I thought creating 
a fun Halloween game that I could incorporate into this year's 
Halloween decor would be both fun and whimsical.

As I searched through my many Halloween decor bins,
I came across one of many witch's cauldrons that I use to decorate with, and
immediately thought of the perfect Halloween Family Game... 
A HALLOWEEN BEAN BAG TOSS!! The cauldron of course
will act as the perfect receptacle for tossing our bean bags into.

Here is a short tutorial of the how I created a simple Halloween Game, 
that I must confess, we have already started playing!

Choosing the fabric
 I went to the fabric store and purchased fabric quilting squares 
for $1.99 each. I opted to stick with non Halloween prints, 
but kept the colors in the traditional Halloween palette of orange and black. 
When I opened them up, I realized I could get 
about six to eight bean bags per fabric... not too shabby!

 Cutting the fabric...
Like I mentioned, I purchased quilting squares which come folded and creased, making
cutting each bean bag square a breeze, because the creases make for perfectly squared cutting.

Sewing the fabric squares together...
I used my sewing machine, but you can sew them by hand if you choose.
  I turned my two fabric squares over
so that the shinier side of the fabric of each square was facing each other.
I sewed three sides shut, leaving one side open for filling the bag.
Once the three sides of the both squares were sewn, I turned the bag inside out
to reveal the shiny side of the fabric.

Filling the Bean Bag...
Life the open side of the bean bag, and fill it with beans or 
any type of medium you wish to use.  Fill the bag about 3/4
of the way full.  Once the bag is filled, take both sides of the opening,
and turn them in towards the opening to create a seam (sorry, I could not
take a pic of this step, and hold the bag at the same time.) 
Hold your pleat taught, and carefully insert it under the needle of the 
sewing machine, and sew your bag shut. 

Trim all excess threads from your bag, and begin sewing the next one 
until you have the desired amount you wish.  I made six of each color.

Once finished sewing and stuffing all of my bean bags, they were ready 
for the witch's cauldron.  You can choose any container your wish, even 
a plastic jack-o-lantern candy bucket.

  I embellished the cauldron with a whimsical tag and festive ribbons, 
and we were ready for some Pre- Halloween fun!

 Added a little caption to the family room chalkboard...

 And this adorable little cauldron will sit on our family room coffee table 
waiting for the next Family Bean Bag Toss to begin.


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  1. How fun is this and so creative. I would love for you to link up to my Inspire Me party that will go live this afternoon. Hope to see you there. Hugs, Marty