Sunday, September 22, 2013

Basebal Themed Bar Mitzvah

 Well, I finally completed the pieces
I was working on for my friend's son's Bar Mitzvah
and wanted to share them on the blog. 

 I am a huge baseball fan,
and most importantly, a Yankees fan, so
I enjoyed every second of working on these pieces.
 The Bar Mitzvah was a success,
 and the pieces complimented the ballroom beautifully!

Here are some of the pictures of the pieces I created.

Stadium Signs...
I stenciled in the letters onto a plywood board that I 
painted beforehand in a gray background to simulate
 a rustic concrete stadium wall.
 I added a team seal 
to complete the concrete stadium wall look.

Using the same stencil technique, 
I traced and painted the lettering
for the "WILL CALL WINDOW" sign.

I added a second team seal 
to the bottom of the "Will Call Window" board.
 The wooden candelabra was my favorite piece to make.
The Bar Mitzvah Boy wanted all of his favorite players 
along with some legendary players represented on his candelabra. 
Heavy card stock circles embellished in pinstripes with the name and number of each
player adorned each candle. 
I used white wooden letters to create Austin's name.  I added blue pinstripes
reminiscent of the player's jerseys along each letter with a navy blue permanent marker.

 I wrapped a navy gross grain ribbon around the 
Shamash (lighter candle) to give Austin and his 
guests a steady grip when lighting each candle.

 I added baseballs all the way down the length of the candelabra base.
They gave the wooden piece added texture, and served as a realistic 
medium for this baseball themed party.

 I took this picture while I was measuring the spacing for the letters prior to gluing them, that's why they don't look steady.  I was so busy this past week, that I didn't 
take a final shot of the finished product.  But the final product was perfectly beautiful, and Austin was very happy with his Yankees Baseball Themed Bar Mitzvah Candelabra.

Mazel Tov!

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