Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Nautical Summer Bliss...

It's hard to believe summer is winding down.
Two more weeks before our princess returns to school, and
soon all we will have left are memories of a fun filled summer!

"A Nautical Summer"
If I had to choose a theme for this summer I'd appropriately label it "A Nautical Summer."  From my decor to our fabulous vacation through New England, 
I have been obsessed with Everything Nautical!

What better place to experience all that is nautical but in New England... I made sure to purchase some goodies while I was there, and here is just a tip of the iceberg of the wonderful nautical gifts I made sure to bring back home!

 Each and everyone of these adorable little ships and boats
 has a wonderful story of our summer vacation.

 First, a little bit of this summer's "Nautical Beginnings"
At the beginning of summer, I shared my little driftwood sailboat with you. 
Since then, I've seen many come up on several of the blogs.  It makes 
me happy to think that my little driftwood sailboat inspired others to create their own.

Here is a larger version that I made for my Nautical summer Mantel...

Seashore Touches on the Mantel...

My New England Treasures...
I picked up this adorable little fishing boat 
at a quaint little store in York Beach, Maine.
I love the red buoy on the lobster crate!  

A Presidential Find...
While visiting Boston, we visited the JFK Presidential Library and Museum.
Our goal is to visit each presidential Library in the US.  
Living in Southern Cal, we are fortunate to have two very close to us.
I chose this beautiful ship not only to commemorate our visit to the JFK Library and Museum,
but it reminded me of the love of the sea the Kennedy family shared. 

My inspiration to purchase the ship above came from the 
beautiful sailboat, The Victura belonging to JFK.  
This beautiful sailboat is brought to The JFK Library and Museum 
each summer.  We were fortunate to see it up close.  It is 
absolutely stunning, and one can't help but wonder how 
many amazing moments were shared by the Kennedys aboard The Victura! 
Isn't she Beautiful?!

These Beauties sit in the Harbor in EdgarTown in Martha's Vineyard just
 waiting to be taken out to sea!

It was LOVE at first sight with this adorable blue bottom sailboat from one of 
my favorite places in Maine...

And here it is in all it' splendor as it sits on the console table in our family room.

This cute fishing boat from Martha's Vineyard 
was the first purchase I made in one 
of the cutest stores on the island...

Here they sit in their own little "harbor" waiting for their next
expedition at sea.  Each and everyone of the little boats and ships I purchased
while on our vacation through New England has a special memory "attached to it's sail"

Seashore Treasures...
My daughter and I love collecting sea glass.
She was so fortunate to find some beauties on the beaches in Maine 
as well as some she purchased from one of the gift shops at 
Ogunquit Beach.

My daughter added some of the shells she found 
on Ogunquit Beach in Maine to her collection from 
Key West.  They compliment our Nautical summer decor just beautifully.

Extra Little Nautical Finds...

 Among my favorite pieces I picked up while in Kennebunkport 
is this Nautical Lobster Plate.  I simply fell in love with it 
from the moment I laid eyes on it.  I'm excited to return to Maine
and purchase the Lobster Pot and chowder bowls too!

 The silver lobster sauce dish is from a set my husband and I received 
for our wedding.  I thought it complimented this year's summer decor quite perfectly.

And, I just couldn't resist the Linen Lobster Napkin. 
My only regret was I didn't buy a set.  So, just
like a good shopper would do, I made a call
to the store in Kennebunkport, and ordered five more!
Due to arrive anyday now!
And although I only shared a fraction of what I purchased, 
I hope you enjoyed my New England Nautical Finds.
These pieces have truly complimented my Nautical Summer motif just beautifully, 
and seeing these items incorporated into my home summer decor keeps my family 
and I just a little closer to New England.

Happy Summer 2013!


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  1. You brought back many wonderful memories of our New England road trip several years ago. We stayed in Ogunquit.