Friday, August 2, 2013

Martha's Vineyard Homes

From my last post, 
I'm sure you figured out how much I
Love Martha's Vineyard.  But if you don't already
know, I also love photographing beautiful homes.  My favorite
of course are Colonials and Cape Cods.  Living in the Burbs of Southern California however, I don't get a chance to experience much of the beautiful colonials found back east where aside from their historical pasts, they are filled with charm!  Here in SO CAL we have a lot of new construction; as pristine as they may be, they lack the charm found in those old historical homes.  So, I was in architecture heaven photographing some very incredible homes while in Cape Cod.
Here are just a few photographs of some of these great homes I shot on Martha's Vineyard.

 simply Divine!

Quaint and Charming...

Old town feel

All American!

Shared in my last post, and my favorite in Edgartown.

As perfect as in a movie set...

A little bit Victorian and Colonial at the same time...

A charming portico reminiscent of the Greek Revival style...

Picture Perfect!

A storybook charming little waterfront cottage...

And just like no two homes are alike...
Every door on the vineyard
 makes a statement of it's own.
An ornate entry at the top of simple gray steps 
makes one wonder of the beauty inside.

The blue and gold accents bring in the nautical
feel of this waterfront home on one of the most
beautiful streets on the Vineyard.

A simple black paneled door sits atop of a brick step 
giving this entry a subtle classic look.

I hope you've enjoyed my sharing of some of the beauty I found on Martha's Vineyard.
I enjoyed photographing these homes, but seeing them in pictures does not do them justice.
I cannot wait to return to the Vineyard, and am counting the days until I am back in this most amazingly place!




  1. Thanks for the photos of those beautiful homes, they are just so stunning, it's hard to choose which one would be my favorite, I think I will look again,,,lol,,,come on over for a visit to my blog, would love to have you visit my lady bugs...

  2. Betty, it's been many years since we were on the Vineyard, but we've spent time on Nantucket in recent years. I feel the same about Nantucket. All the homes are quaint and charming. We were in Maine a few summers ago, and it is the same there in the towns along the coastal highway. I live in TX, so visits to the east coast are filled with wonderful architecture. Thanks for the photo tour.

  3. These homes are so charming! Love them. I hope to go to Martha's Vineyard someday soon! Thanks for giving us a little taste of it!