Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Whimsical Nautical Oar Tutorial

With the start of summer, I have been busy working
on some amazing Nautical Pieces for my outdoor decor that 
I will be sharing soon!

In the meantime, here is an adorable whimsical Oar 
that I will incorporate into my Nautical Outdoor Vignette.
 It was super simple to create using one 
of my favorite tools... Painters Tape!

I purchased the paddle/oar at a local hobby shop. 
When I bought it, it was unfinished.  It did not have a sheen
just a plain ready to paint wood grain,
 so that meant no sanding needed, and that made
my job of transforming it that much easier.
 However, I was in such a rush to get this project started, that I 
realized (after I had started the painting process), 
 I didn't take any BEFORE Pictures! 
I live and breath with my camera, so how this happened, is unbeknownst to me!!

Materials:  Medium Painters Tape , Acrylic Paint, Rope
  Simple Tutorial:
1. The first thing I did was to choose a nautical design.
I chose to go with a simple design of both solid and stripes.

2. Using painters tap, I sectioned off the areas I wanted striped.
I used medium size painters tape to section off the wide (blue) stripe. 

3. I then cut a strip of painters tape into two thinner strips to section
off the (white) thin striped area.

4. I then painted the top portion of the paddle as well as the
 two red spaces between the white stripes.  This part was easy, because the thin strips
of painters tape served as a guide for painting the red spaces above the blue rectangular stripe.

5. Once the top of the Oar was dry, I painted the bottom portion of the board white.

6. Once the bottom was dry, I placed painters tape on the top and bottom of what is now the blue stripe in order to paint the blue section.
7. Then it was off to painting the two white stripes, and my nautical oar was born!
** Just a note:  I took the red paint all the way around the sides, and painted the backside of 
the oar red.  
8. I tied a knot to attach a chunky rope to the handle,
 and my little nautical oar is ready to make it's summer debut.

 I debated as to whether I wanted to give the oar a light gloss over,
but I opted to go with the more rustic and worn look.  I might even
do some distressing to it to give it that sea air wear look!
Not true to scale; however this whimsical 
little Oar will be the perfect addition 
to my Nautical Themed 2013 Backyard Decor!
Stay tuned for my entire collection of 
nautical designs coming soon!

 Happy Summer Everyone!
Enjoy the sand, sail, and surf!!



  1. Totally cute! Do you live by the beach?

  2. Gorgeous! I agree with you on the rustic, worn look. Can't wait to see more of your backyard!