Sunday, June 23, 2013

Nautical Designs

 My Nautical Designs...

The start of summer is in full swing. 
With daily summer outings, beach trips,
and upcoming vacations, I have been super busy trying to get my 
summer vignettes completed and in display throughout our home.
This summer, our home will be dressed in it's Nautical Best!

Here are some of the projects I have been working on.

Driftwood Sailboat 
A few days before summer vacation,
on one of her half days from school,
my daughter and I went walking on the beach.
   As we walked, we passed several pieces of driftwood near the rocks at one end
of the beach.  Our wheels started turning, and we decided the weathered drift wood was 
perfect for a sailboat hull. And just like that, our canvas driftwood sailboat was born.

 This adorable driftwood sailboat will adorn our mantel, and because 
we picked up plenty of driftwood on our beach walk that day, 
I have a feeling this little ship is just one among a fleet
 that is to arrive at our "harbor"(mantel) and day now.

 Nautical AHOY! Bunting
I made this whimsical bunting using the same canvas
 I used for the driftwood sailboat. I pencil drew my letters (no stencils needed, just my own design),
and painted each letter blue. I used painters tape to section off the spaces
for painting the red stripes. I distressed the stripes by rubbing them ever so slightly 
with a piece of paper towel. I cut eight 2 inch canvas squares, folded them over, used hot glue to secure them to the back of each of the triangles, and instantly I had tabs for stringing 
the hemp twine to each of the triangle flags.

Something tells me that regardless of where I use it,
 this whimsical little bunting will greet my
 guests this summer with a nautical flair.

  Nautical Anchor Flag/ Banner

One of my favorite pieces 
thus far is this nautical canvas flag/banner.  
I knew I wanted a nautical themed flag of some sort
 to hang near the front door.  I brainstormed a bit, 
and came up with the perfect symbol for my flag; AN ANCHOR!
I didn't use a template, just winged it, and penciled this
 perfect anchor for my flag.
I painted it blue, and used painters tape 
to section off the spaces for the stripes at the bottom.
I then cut three 6 inch tabs out of left over canvas
to create the tabs for hanging.  I haven't decided 
if I will use a rod or some nautical rope to hang
my flag.  I'm leaning more towards using some 
 nautical rope to give it a more authentic touch.
I really love the natural imperfections and
 threading of the canvas fabric; it gives the flag a weathered look.

So there you have it;
 just some of the nautical pieces 
I have been working on.

In the meantime, have a wonderful week.




  1. All too cute!

    I have seen so many driftwood ideas, but we rarely see driftwood on our beach. We can drive to the estuary, but I just never think of it.

    I am posting my 4th of July decor and mentioning your blog again about the little flag table.

    Enjoy your day!

  2. Hi Betty, I am a fan of anything nautical so of course I love this. Check out this weeks Open House party to see your feature. Thanks for joining the party!