Sunday, June 9, 2013

Rustic Little Plant Stand Turned Recycled Flag

Rustic Plant Table Turned Rustic American Flag

Once upon a time...
That's how this little story begins.

Almost twelve years ago, my hubby and I said our I'Do's and we moved into our first home together. We lived in an adorable condo here in Southern California.  We really wanted a garden, but because we were on the second floor,  we had to settle for a balcony that overlooked the city.  On one of those frequent newlywed trips to IKEA, my hubby bought me the cutest little plant stand so that I could begin to create what we coined our "Container Garden; " YES, much like the one's you see in NYC atop rooftops.  Oh how we loved our container garden, and the cute little plant stand held my beautiful potted geraniums that seemed to bloom all year long in the perfect Southern California climate.

Fast forward to one year later... we bought our first home in the suburbs, and we were expecting our sweet baby girl.  On moving day, I made sure my adorable little plant stand found a great spot in our GROWNUP backyard... YES, no more container garden for us.  We now had a real honest to goodness BACK YARD!  That cute little plant stand withstood almost twelve years of California sunshine, rain, and warm summer days.  But as old things begin to show wear, the little plant stand started to LEAN.  It LEANED, and LEANED, and LEANED!  And finally, last week, my adorable little plant stand had to be put to rest.  But WAIT!  As my hubby carried the poor little thing to the trash can, we looked at one another and decided to salvage at least part of it as it was such a special part of the start of our lives together.  He disassembled it, and that was an easy task as it was so worn it practically came apart on it's own.  And today, I knew exactly what that adorable little plant stand would become.

Here is the Beginning of the new chapter to our 'Container Garden" Rustic Plant Stand...

This was the Top of the plant stand, an the part we salvaged...  

I gave the rustic wood an unpolished coat of red, antique white, and blue paint...

Penciled in some stars...

Gave the stars a coast of leftover antique white paint...

AND... My weathered little plant stand turned into a beautiful rustic wooden flag.

This adorable little plant table turned Rustic American Flag will always hold a special 
place in our hearts, as it will always remind us of a very special time in our lives.
But wait, there's more...

Our cherished little heirloom is already being put to use...
Stay Tuned for an upcoming post.

Have a Great Week!



  1. Too cute! I have the exact little plant stand- in fact I have 2. We bought them at Ikea for my daughter when she was in her first college apartment and they have made the rounds at our house. i was just thinking that they needed a refresh.

    I hope you don't mind my using them for inspiration.

  2. What a cute story and a great way to re-purpose your little stand, it looks so good on your table!