Thursday, May 30, 2013

Nautical Cupcakes

Nautical Sail Boat Cupcakes...

 These adorable Sail Boat Cupcakes were a hit this past Memorial Day weekend!  

I had so much fun making the sails that 
I think I'm going to recreate this look 
for an upcoming sailing day we have planned.
(Tutorial Included at the end of this post)



** (I made two batches, one with blue frosting dye to simulate water, and the other with plain white frosting)
  The sails were super easy to make:  
 Just follow the easy steps below
  • All you have to do is go to your local scrapbook store
  • Choose patterned and solid card stock in the color scheme of your choice
  • Draw a sail template to use as your tracing pattern
  • Trace the pattern onto your card stock
  • Cut out your sails
  • Punch two holes on each of your sails (one towards the bottom, and one towards the top of the sail)
  • Insert a lollipop stick or sqewer through the holes (you don't need any glue)
  • Trace and cut out a flag for the top of you sails using opposing colors
  • Wrap the flag once around your lollipop stick or sqewer and affix with glue
  • Tie a string of twine or rope around your sqewer, 
  • Bake or Purchase your cupcakes, and add a sail to each one.  You can choose to dye your frosting blue to simulate water.  
  • Dress up a pretty platter, and your guests will be ready to set sail away with these adorable Nautical Treats.


  1. Those are just adorable. I hope that I can remember to do something so creative the next party I have. Living in FL means Sailboats are always in season! Have a nice weekend.

  2. What a sweet idea! They turned out very cute :)