Monday, January 14, 2013

Our Formal Entry turned cozy" winter Mudroom"...

  I can finally say that winter has come to the suburbs of Southern California... It's been COLD!  So of course, out come the jackets and boots and on goes the fireplace.  With all that extra gear, our usually formal entry has turned into an impromptu 
"winter mudroom."

 I created a temporary coat rack by removing the 
family portraits that normally hang on the wall, and added a hook for hanging jackets and bags.  

The winter white in these blooms reminds me 
of freshly fallen snow...

 My French wire basket normally sits outside the door 
awaiting packages delivered by the postman; but with the turn in the weather, it now happily holds hats, gloves, and scarves: in other words, all of those little winter accessories that we Southern Californian's usually just wear as fashion statements.   

 I went on a walk with camera in hand
and  it's evident that winter is in full swing...

 I love using dry branches in my decor whenever I can, and there 
were plenty of fallen branches on the greenbelt as I 
walked through the neighborhood... 

  So I picked up a little winter inspiration and...
brought it back home with me.  I tucked the dry 
branches behind the white flowers , and  
brought a little bit of winter inside.

I don't know how long our "winter" will last, as tomorrow
we could be right back up in the 70's; but for now, I 
am going to enjoy our cozy "winter mudroom"
 and maybe even wish for snow!    

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  1. Welcome to the world of blogging! Your foyer looks great and I love that basket!

    1. Thank You Pamela! I'm glad you like it. I look forward to sharing our inspirations.

      Have a beautiful weekend!


  2. That's indeed a cozy spot, Betty! I love the chair with that gorgeous pillow on it and those baskets are amazing too! Very pretty, enjoy your winter! :)