Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Laundry Room Styling Tips:

Laundry Room Styling Tips

Let's be honest, who truly enjoys doing laundry, right?!
However, don't despair... because I have a solution to help you 
with your laundry day blues.

 Style your laundry room as you would any other room in your home;
 The prettier, the better!  When a room is beautifully styled it makes walking into it a lot
more enjoyable (YES, even the laundry room).

Follow the easy tips below to make your laundry room a space you'll feel happy to step into.

1. Use glass vessels, containers, and baskets to beautifully store and display laundry 

 2. Hang a pretty sign to identify your space.

 3. Use large wicker baskets to store folded laundry (only use plastic laundry baskets for hauling dirty     to the laundry room).

 4. Set out dryer sheets on a tray for a scented aroma each time you walk past.


5. Adding some decorative touches in your preferred  style softens the space and creates a fluid extension of your homes overall decor.

6. And....a little music playing in the background will set the mood and transform your laundry duties from a dreaded chore into a cheerful task.

Here's a little recap gallery of my laundry room styling




Happy Laundry day!


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