Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Farmhouse Guest Bedroom Design Board Part I

The Farmhouse Guest Room... Design Board

This past summer, I repainted our spare bedroom
in classic white.  The idea was to create a blank canvas
that will allow me to change up the room decor and design
without having to repaint the walls each time.

We've decided to designate its use as a 
guestroom.  In recent years, the room has been
our home office, and prior to that it was our 
daughter's playroom.  Now, it's time to transform it back
to its official status as a guest bedroom which
was its intended purpose when we purchased our home.

Because the white walls are perfect 
for creating that clean farmhouse feel,
I will bring color and texture to them by adding
wood signs, and baskets,wire crates, and utility tables as nightstands.
Adding texture to a room will bring warmth and life to the overall space.

Anytime I am redoing a space, I create a design board in order to keep 
me focused and on task.  I've learned that a design board allows me two things primarily:
First, a design board makes it more time effective when shopping.  Having a blueprint of my
intended design, keeps me from deviating away from what I've set fort to do therefore
keeping me on track when shopping for the room.  And secondly, the design board 
concept has proven to be cost effective for me in that I know far in advance what each item 
will cost and therefore I can maintain a set budget when out shopping for pieces.

I design two types of boards:  A visual board with cutouts and do the old fashion cut and paste.
I tape the board to the designated space, and refer to it as I am putting the room together.
The second board I create is a digital one (like the one you see here).  The digital board enables me 
to carry it with me on my ipad or phone when I'm out shopping for the items for the space. 

Here is an example of how I put together a design board when decorating/re doing a space.This is not the actual design of our Farmhouse Guest Room, as I am saving that reveal for a future post.



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