Thursday, August 18, 2016

Room Styliing

People often compliment on the way 
I decorate my home.  It's very nice to hear that 
they find my style of decor aesthetically pleasing,
but they often follow the compliment with some very familiar
statements..."I could never pull that off" or "I just don't have the vision 
for decorating."  I always reply by letting them know that styling/decorating 
a room in one's house is not as difficult as they make it out to be.

Here are three tips that can make styling/decorating a room in one's home
 stress free and fun.

1. Don't over think it.  It's simple, go with what makes you feel comfortable.
If you like a room to feel lived in and comfortable, don't go for that over the top 
model home look. For one, you won't enjoy the decor, because it won't reflect your
personality nor your purpose of how you intend to use the room.

2.  Don't overextend your budget.  While it is always fun to shop for new decor items,
give what you already own a chance to shine by shopping your home for items that will
work in the space.  You will be surprised at how wonderful a vase you once stashed away in a closet looks 
atop a bedside table in your master bedroom.  Not only will you rediscover items that you once considered out of style or no longer necessary, but your budget will not waste away, and instead, you can save for those items that you will need but don't yet have.

3.Don't compromise your comfort level.  Don't replicate a look that ends up being too stuffy or impractical
simply because you saw it on a design show or in a magazine.  For the most part, stay true to your personal 
style.  By not straying too far from your comfort zone, you will prevent feeling stressed and regretful about the transformation of your space.  

Here are some pictures to show you how simple styling a room can actually be.

  Accessories make a bold statement when it comes 
to styling/decorating a room in one's home.
Keep your accessories simple and create complimentary 
vignettes that bring cohesion to the overall design.

Accentuate & Layer: 
If a window is a focal point in your space, 
accentuate it by placing an aesthetically pleasing decorative piece
in front of it.  To ensure you don't block the window and the light from 
filtering through, keep your pieces simple and low on the surface they 
are placed on.  Layering adds dimension to your design.  Place decorative 
items atop books or magazines in your space.  And, incorporate items that you 
love or use frequently as decor pieces as I have done here with one of my 
favorite decor books and magazines.

Create ambiance.   Ask yourself, what do I want my space to feel like.
For me, I want our master bedroom to feel like a retreat, a five start hotel, 
a that each time my husband and I walk in, we feel relaxed,and calm.
Here, I opted to give our bed that feeling one gets when they walk into a
beautiful hotel room with plush linens, beautiful pillows, and sweet personal 
touches.  A simple silver julet cup filled with white faux stems and a sweet 
zen message, greet us when we step into our bedroom.  The pillows are
my own design, and can be found in my Etsy store (MaddibellaHome) later this month. The pillows give our linens a touch of whimsical elegance.

Identify areas that you love within your space and style them up to best fit 
your purpose for them.  Here, I have placed a comfy throw over the arm of 
a simple wicker chair where I enjoy curling up to read my favorite 
decor magazines. Rather than keeping the throw stored away until I need it, 
I opted to display it as part of identifying the purpose of this relaxing spot within the room.

Personalize your space.  I didn't want our master
bedroom to feel like it was a girly girl room that only belongs to me.
I want my husband to feel comfortable in the space as much as I do.
Each of our nightstands reflects our individual styles and hosts items that
identify our taste.

   The Hubby's side reflects his interests.
 And there you have it, a beautifully styled space that not only looks aesthetically pleasing, 
but emits elegance, and practicality without fuss or stress in it's design.  Being true to your own 
personal style and not attempting to create something that simply "isn't you" will alleviate stress and make
the process of styling/decorating your space much more fun!
Now go and give it a try!  
Style away sweet readers!


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