Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Grain sack Holiday "Pillow Covers"

Sometimes while shopping, it's not the obvious piece
that makes our heart leap when we see it at the store, but sometimes
it's that out of the box piece that pulls our design together as if it were 
intended for the very purpose we imagine using it as.

As I waked the isles at HomeGood, (AKA my home away from home)
I made a stop in the kitchen linen section.  I am not one to fill my kitchen
up with those holiday kitchen towels that have Santa and holly all over them.  
As you know by now, I tend to stay more on the neutral side with soft whites, 
and muted silvers and golds during the holidays.  However, to my surprise,
as I sorted through their holiday kitchen towel collection, something caught my eye.
There amongst the red and green towels, stood an out of the ordinary oversized 
"grain sack" dish towel.  It caught me at "hello!"
  I was in instant love, and knew that I had to find another.  I was now on a quest to 
find as many as I could, because I instantly had a decor idea in mind.  I am happy to say
that the decor fairies must have been on my side, because I was lucky enough to find four 
others.  I made sure to search quickly and swiftly, because the lady shopper next to me seemed
to be on the same mission once she saw me pull out the first one.  Lucky for me, I am quick, and 
was able to find all five without leaving a single one behind.

I came home, and knew exactly how I would use these pretties.  
As you can see, these oversize dish towels make the perfect "holiday pillow covers."  
While I contemplated getting out the sewing machine to make new pillows, I decicided
to simply wrap them over my existing pillows in the event I want to change things up a bit next year
and use them in some other way.  So instead of my sewing machine, I grabbed a few safety pins, and pinned away.  I didn't even iron out the creases, just wrapped, pinned, and done!

So here they are, my pretty little, or should I say over sized kitchen dish towels
turned "holiday grain sack pillow covers."

So take it from me, the next time you are out shopping, keep your eyes peeled for that
out of the box piece that could quite possibly be the piece
that pulls your design together- even if starts out as a dishtowel.

I hope you are enjoying the holiday season as much as I am!


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