Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Southern California Autumn

It's starting to feel like Autumn...somewhere else that is.

Here in Southern California with temps in the triple digits, 
it feels more like the start of summer.

But of course, I am not going to let these crazy temperatures
keep me from beginning my Autumn decorating.

I've been busy over here with a few home decorating projects underway, but today, I took a little time to devote to my front door Autumn decor. No where near done, here is a preview of  my Autumn door. I hope the weather in your neck of the woods 
is more indicative of Autumn than it is here.

( I was testing a  setting on my camera, 
so please excuse the somewhat blur of these pics) 

These adorable little burlap bags 
were too cute to pass up.

Fill them up with a little 
Autumn sprig, attach a clothespin flower embellishment, 
and a simple yet welcoming front door Autumn design is born.

 I painted the opposite side
of my summer Set Sail" sign to announce that 
Autumn is here...We'll it will be, soon anyway.

Have a great week!

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