Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Front Door Nautical summer

Well, if you've been reading my posts lately,
you've probably figured out the summer decor theme
at our house this year... Yes, you guessed right, 
it's a Nautical summer at Maddiebella Home!

One of my decorating mantras... "Don't Ignore Your Front Door!"
I am a firm believer that the front door
is the prelude to what's inside one's home.
For me, decorating my front door is just as important 
as the decor inside.  I consider the front door much
like a gift box, all wrapped up and pretty, and once it's opened, 
the beauty continues in what's found inside.

Here is my simple front door summer nautical decor as 
it sets the theme of what's inside.

Nautical Life Ring & Sailboat Canvas Door Decor...

You'll probably recognize these cute little frames
as they were part of my spring cherry blossom front door
decor.  I simply repainted them from pink to white, 
and removed the cherry blossom art. 
I created the nautical life ring by sketching my own template
onto canvas, and painting them using acrylic craft paint.
Once the paint dried, using a hot glue gun, I attached the 
hemp twine to resemble rope.  Isn't this the cutest little life ring
you've ever seen?!  I loved it so much, that I created one for my nautical mantel as well.  That post is coming soon.
 On the other door is this cute little sailboat to match!

 Nautical Flag
 To keep the theme cohesive, 
I sketched and painted an anchor
onto canvas, and hung it on a dowel
using hemp twine. I cut three four inch
  canvas rectangles, folded them over, and created
tabs for sliding the dowel through.
  I cut small triangles out of the same canvas to 
create two small banners, painted the 
"SET SAIL" caption, and this Nautical Flag beautifully
completes my front door summer decor.
 So the next time you are
decorating your home 
for the seasons, don't 
forget the most important
area of all, YOUR FRONT DOOR!

I hope your summer is sunny and warm!


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